Sensational Sixty

Join me on a journey of reinvention.


These resources, in no particular order, have been helpful in my quest to reinvent my life.  If you’re interested in finding out more about any particular subject, I hope you’ll give these a try.  This page will be updated as I encounter new resources, so check back often!


**The Life Audit (A Step by Step Guide to Taking Stock, Gaining Control and Creating the Life You Want…Now) – Caroline Righton

**Age Smart: Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Midlife and Beyond – Jeffrey Rosenweig and Betty Liu

**12 Hours to a Great Marriage  (A Step by Step Guide for Making Love Last) –  Howard Markman, Scott Stanley, Susan Blumberg, Natalie Jenkins, Carol Whiteley

**Sixty Things To Do When You Turn Sixty – Edited by Ronnie Sellers

**1001 Ways To Be Romantic – Gregory J. P. Godek

**How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It – Patricia Love, Steven Stosny

**Love and Respect – Emerson Eggerichs

**When Love Stumbles – Randi Gunther

Surprisingly…Unstuck: Rewire your brain to exercise more, eat right and truly enjoy doing so – Maria Brilaki

**These are affiliate links, so I make a tiny amount if you buy a book through one of these links.

Websites or blogs I find interesting and helpful:

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