Sensational Sixty

Join me on a journey of reinvention.



I woke up one day recently and realized that I’m going to be sixty – the big six-oh! – in a few months.  In April of 2013, to be exact.  I knew it was coming, had decided to NOT have a birthday next year and made plenty of jokes about it with my (older) friends, but that day it finally, really sank in!

After getting over the SHOCK, a boatload of other feelings came rushing in.  Was this all there is?  I now had less time left than I had already lived.  Had I done everything I wanted?  How did I want to be remembered?  Did I have any regrets?  You know, all those big life questions that many others have had, and will be having (since I’m a young-ish Baby Boomer :)).

So, I’ve decided to take on the biggest project of my life and look at all aspects of my life in preparation for the second, some say third, act of my life.  Self-esteem, friendship, marriage, sex, exercise and more will all come under my microscope in the next few months as I decide what the rest of my life is going to look like.  I’ll be reading books, folllowing other’s blogs, doing research and sharing with you what I discover during this process and hope to connect with others in my town or around the country.

For the stats – My name is Cyndi (short for Cynthia), I’m (at the start of this blog) 59 years old, married for 36 years with two grown sons and two Vizslas.  My husband is seven years older than me, which doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes translates to a generation (more on that later).  I live in a small town in southern Colorado and  have only worked sporadically, as a project manager, in the last 10 years, due to location and the economy.  I’ve spent the time doing all the DIY projects I never had time to get to when I worked, travelling, reading, camping and shopping.  I never pay retail and am known as the introverted one among my friends (something I’m sure will be under scrutiny during this process!).  My laughter is distinctive and I’ve had enough therapy to know not to take anything too personally and that most of us struggle with the same issues.

Welcome to my blog and please join me as I travel down this road of reinvention on my quest to become, truly…..Sensational Sixty!

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