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Assume Love in All Things

Patty Newbold, a widow who got it right the second time, writes a fantastic blog called Assume Love.  She writes about marriage, but I feel some of her subjects can apply to all people in our lives with just a little tweaking.  With your husband or significant other, assume love in all he does.  With a friend, assume good will.  With a store clerk, assume the last customer was really rude and be nicer.  With a bad driver an, assume he’s just having a bad day.

In other words, give people the benefit of the doubt!  Most people are not out to hurt or make you mad on purpose.  Life sometimes gets in the way. Turn the other cheek and do what you can to make their day better.  I guarantee it will make your life better.

But if you are having relationship issues, be sure to hop over to Patty’s site and browse around.  I’ve found her advice to be very helpful in my pursuit to make my marriage happier.


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